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What do I need to be hired?
Tutors are expected to have a high proficiency level in the subjects they are tutoring. They have GPAs of at least 3.0 and are very friendly, great communicators! They are professional, flexible, understanding, and punctual. Most tutors will drive to their students so they need a reliable mode of transportation to their student. Tutors act as mentors with their students to help them with their subject and other problems they may encounter.

Who are my students?
CogniTutor students are all ages and study all subjects. Your expertise will affect who your students are, but it is safe to expect elementary through high school age students.

How much am I paid if I become a tutor?
Tutors receive rates based on their location, subject, and expertise. Rates start at $15/hour and can go to $30 or even more. Tutor’s are given a bonus per hour if they need to drive farther.

What subjects can I teach?
You can teach any academic subject you know very well and any musical instrument you know.

What is my schedule if I become a tutor?
Tutors and their students pick when sessions are. Typically sessions are 1.5-2 hours once or twice a week.

Where do I tutor?
Tutors and their students pick where sessions are held, but you can have sessions at the school, public location, student’s home, or your home. We recommend public locations such as public libraries, Starbucks, or schools.

How many students will I have if I become a tutor?
Your number of students will depend on the demand in your area and for the subjects you teach.

What is the hiring process?
Tutors send in their resumes containing their major, GPA, tutoring experience, SAT/ACT scores, references, and if they have a car. If they look like a good candidate, then they move on to be tested on their communication, tutoring, are taught our methods and procedures, and are background checked.

What if I’m having problems with my student?
Our tutors have our students’ best interests in mind and always try to be helpful and friendly. Your CogniTutor manager will help with the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved that way, then the student will be reassigned to another tutor. You receive more students if you work well with students. It is better to let your CogniTutor manager know immediately if there is a problem than to get a bad rating.