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Our Mission

Our mission at CogniTutor is to help students learn in a smarter way. This means students learn to learn and don’t need a tutor’s help in the future! We strive to help students learn to think critically, comprehend what they are reading, learn memory strategies, strengthen their test taking skills, and improve their weaknesses.

Expected Outcome

With tutoring, it is expected that students will pass their class or improve their test scores. Students will also learn how to learn more efficiently using the CogniTutor Method, manage their time, structure their studying, and will learn test-taking strategies. These outcomes are measured by continually monitoring the student’s grades, student’s understanding of the material, and before and after tutoring test scores (which is recorded in the session reports). Students and guardians are asked to review tutoring after the first session, every month, and during the last session.

This policy applies to anyone using the CogniTutor website or the services of CogniTutor. When you enter into services with CogniTutor or use the CogniTutor website, you are bound by the terms and conditions for that particular service. Use of CogniTutor materials constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Cancellations and No Show Fees

If a Guardian or Student cancels a Tutoring Session within 6 hours of the scheduled start time or does not show to the session, Guardians are responsible for payment for the entire Tutoring Session or 1 hour of the Tutoring Session (whichever is less), unless payment is being made by a CogniTutor Partner.


Lesson prices are agreed to at the time the first session is scheduled in CogniTutor’s system. Lesson prices vary by tutor and lesson type and are subject to change at any time. Clients are obligated to honor the prices established at the time of assignment.

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