We and our students are so thankful to the organizations that fund tutoring and music lessons! Below are a few of our partners and the scholarships they sponsor.

Any questions can be sent to support@cognitutor.com or in the Contact Us form below

Foster Care Youth

1. If foster care youth, sign up for a tutor at https://www.cognitutor.com/get-a-tutor/ and give us your and your case manager information.

2. CogniTutor is proud of our partnership with the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation (AFFCF). They fund fun for children in foster care. If you live in Arizona and would like to apply, then follow the steps below for music lessons or tutoring!

Create an application for an AFFCF grant at this link:

3. Here is information you will need for your application with AFFCF:
The vendor is CogniTutor and include Loni Lebanoff, Loni@cognitutor.com, and 863-521-3892 in the application.
Include this picture of our prices in your application (right click and save image as…)

AFFCF will need a letter from the teacher or someone else who has seen the student’s progress. Please email the teacher and grants@affcf.org and ask the teacher to reply all back saying that the student does need tutoring (if the student does in fact need tutoring).

4. After you receive the check for the tutoring or music lessons and send it to the address shown below, we are able to get started!! Put a paper inside that has your student’s name on it so we know who the check is for!

CogniTutor, LLC
325 Sand Pine Trail
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Gardiner Scholarship: Special Needs

Go to www.stepupforstudents.org and click on Gardiner Scholarship to see if your student is eligible.