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“Thank you so much for your help on my senior math EOC! I took my test today and 97 was the passing score for the school and 114 was the passing score for college. I got a 122”

Drew M.

“I increased my ACT score by 7 points in 14 hours. I didn’t think that was possible.”

Cie Cie K.

“My tutor helped me increase my ACT composite score by 6 points!”

Ben R.

“My English ACT score went up by 8 points and my reading score went up by 6 points.”

Caley F.

“CogniTutor was super useful for me. I am definitely learning strategies to use in the future.”

Casey J.

“I improved 490 SAT points_ 8 points total on the ACT_ and 13 points on the reading subscore on the ACT. That is 2.6 points per hour!”

Kelsie C.

“My ACT score rose 7 math points and 9 English points! I got into UNF, FGCU, and UF!”

Maria A.

“My science ACT score went up 8 points and my composite score increased by 3 points in less than 14 hours!”

Justin P.

“The piano lesson could not have been any better! Alex is outstanding what a blessing. So excited to continue every week with him!”

Makayla T.

“With CogniTutor I got accepted to Florida International University Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Atlantic University!”


“You did a great job with Jasmine and I really appreciate you. Jasmine was destined to fail all of her classes but you helped her graduate middle school. Thank you again.”

Ariana S.

“CogniTutor helped my ACT score go from a 22 to a 33! I got more scholarships_ got into my #1 school_ and got into the Honors College!”

Gabriela R.

“CogniTutor helped me get into the University of Maine and receive scholarships that pay for more than half of my tuition.”

Cortland S.

“I improved my score by 4 ACT with CogniTutor, which helped me get the Bright Futures Scholarship.”

Madeline P.

“Working with CogniTutor got me into my number 1 school and will allow me to pursue my passion for engineering.”

Katt C.

“In three sessions I learned (and most importantly finally understood) all of the math I was supposed to have learned in my four years of high school”

Jenn W.

“Impressive results. My tutor was patient, caring and helpful. She is very knowledgeable in math and, because of her, I’ve been successful in my college level math courses. Wish I could give CogniTutor more than 5 stars.”

Sara T.

“I used CogniTutor for my SAT%2FACT and my tutor was very helpful! Not only did she re teach me some math I forgot, but she also taught me test taking strategies that I now use on normal tests in school! I would.”

MaKenzie W.

“CogniTutor helped me get into UNF!”


“We love Madison!!  She is awesome!!  All went well!”

Kayla  C.

My ACT reading score improved 7 points in 1 hour. CogniTutor really helped me learn great strategies for the test. Overall_ my composite score increased 4 points and I’m so excited to be going to UCF!”

Kyrsten C.

“Not only is my tutor one of the best tutors I have ever had, she is also one of the best people I have ever met. She is kind and is able to alter her teaching methods depending on how fast or slow the student is picking up the information. She has also been gifted with the ability to make people feel comfortable in her presence, and lets you know that making mistakes is part of the learning process. She does not strive for perfection, she strives for progress. If I could give CogniTutor all the stars, I would.”

Ashley A.

“I majorly struggled with General Chemistry 1 and when General Chemistry 2 came around I knew I needed some help. My tutor with CogniTutor was very professional and ready to get started ASAP. I am constantly amazed at how much she knows and her ability to explain and break down my lecture notes to where I can understand them. I am glad I found her and would HIGHLY recommend CogniTutor to anyone looking for some help!”

Kayla B.

“I reached my SAT score goal and got the Bright Futures Scholarship! I have you to thank! I wouldn’t have gotten it without your help. What you are doing is really working! I love CogniTutor and how patient, helpful, and encouraging my tutor was!”


“I found CogniTutor on my journey to learning how to play the piano. I am definitely pleased with the results of my lessons so far. I find my tutor’s teaching techniques to be very effective in preparing me for for the difficulties of the task. The results speak for themselves.”


“I couldn’t pass math classes before with a tutor. After working with CogniTutor. I knew how to approach my college math classes on my own! I studied for this exam on my own and got a B!”

Ashley A.

“I used CogniTutor once for chemistry and my tutor was so great that I asked to work with them again to study for the DAT to get into dental school. I tried studying alone, but after 3 sessions for the DAT, I retook it and did way better (I took it at least twice before)! Thank you so much again for helping me. I actually have gotten 2 interviews to dental schools (one being UF where I really want to go)!”

John S.

“A big thanks to CogniTutor for working with my daughter, Ariana. Thanks to her knowledge and teaching skills, Ariana increased her ACT score from 22 to 33!!! She not only qualified for the Florida Academic Scholars but she is enrolled in the University of South Florida Honors Program. If you need someone to work with your son or daughter, Loni’s the one! Remember, it costs money to tutor your child but the reward of Bright Future monetary awards far exceeds the cost of tutoring!”

Matt M.

“Thanks to CogniTutor, I got Bright Futures!”

Juan R.

“My tutor helped me move from RTI Tier 3 to RTI Tier 2 in 15 hours!”

Rachel M.

“My mom and I are so happy with CogniTutor. My ACT score increased 6 points and my SAT score increased 390 points! When my brother has to prepare for the SAT, he’ll be going to CogniTutor.”

Natalie B.

“My tutor helped me increase my ACT score by 5 points and get a 30!”

Renee H.

“My tutor was very patient. She took the time to help with everything.”

Teddy S.

“I increased my ACT score to a 34 with CogniTutor and I am a National Merit Finalist!”

Jenna G.

“Thanks for helping me get into UNF!”

Ravyn W.

“I really enjoyed working with Gary and saw an improvement in my college coursework!”

Cole N.

“My ACT score increased 3 points in just 9 hours of tutoring. I really appreciate what CogniTutor has done for me.”