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CogniTutor helps students become independent learners. We help students Learn Smarter by using the latest education and neuroscience research. Our students improve on their subject material while learning test-taking strategies, memory skills, and how to think. People never stop learning so learning these skills help students in school, college, their career, and the rest of their lives!


Consultation: Your student will take a pre-assessment that will make the tutoring as efficient as possible. We will go over the tutoring process with you and go over any questions you may have.


Matching: We assemble an entire team consisting of you the parent, the tutor, the tutor’s administrator, and your student’s teacher based on your student’s strengths, knowledge, and learning style. This team will help devise a personalized plan for your student’s success.


Tutoring with session reports: Your tutor will help your student based on the plan we’ve developed and you will get updates on the improvements, homework, and what they went over after each session. The goals will be revised as needed based on your student’s progress.

  • Phase 1: Student learns strategies and new content during tutoring.
  • Phase 2: Student learns to apply content knowledge to problems on the test and works on time management.
  • Phase 3: Student and tutor work on evaluating student’s weaknesses and continue focused work while practicing the test as a whole.

Results: Your student will see great results early on. The major and long term improvements are expected to show up closer to the middle and end of tutoring. We are excited to see your students succeed! Remember that results depend heavily on how much work a student puts into their preparation. They will do well if they are engaged, complete their homework, bring their homework/calculator/materials, and ask questions.