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  1. Don’t mess with your routine the day of:

A lot of resources suggest making sure that you have a good breakfast the day of the test. Making sure that you have some food in your stomach is good, but don’t go crazy with a carb-loaded breakfast if that’s not something you are used to in the morning. If you usually skip breakfast, maybe try incorporating something small into your diet like a protein bar. Otherwise, you may end up with a distracting stomachache throughout the whole test! This shouldn’t be you on the day of the test because of stomach pain!


  1. If you can bring a snack-DO IT! Longer standardized tests usually allow for a snack break in the middle of the exam. Take advantage of this time to refuel, ESPECIALLY if you are one to not eat a big breakfast. The last thing you need on test day is to not be able to think straight because of hunger!


  1. Time Management:

If you become stuck on a question, just move on. It’s worth the risk of missing that one question rather than missing all the other questions you didn’t have time for. **Bring a watch just in case there is not a clock in the room!**



  1. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS! I always hated doing this on tests. I always just wanted the exam to be OVER! However, there were many a time that I went back and found a question that I had gotten wrong. This is a great way to save you a few points.


  1. Don’t lose hope or confidence: Most importantly, these standardized tests do not determine your self-worth. The way that you perform on a standardized test may not reflect the type of student you are normally, and that’s OK. In a 2015 interview for the Washington Post, Miami-Dade County Superintendent Alberto Carvalho stated, “We can’t assess our way to academic excellence”1. Your academic success is separate from your standardized testing success. Standardized tests are just a small part of what makes up a student’s academic portfolio.

Hopefully, these tools will allow some of your nerves to ease about standardized tests! If anyone has a specific standardized test that they would like me to do a blog concentrated on, please let me know!


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An organized handout from a school in Ohio about Standardized Testing tips and secrets-




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