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Tutoring Subjects (more are offered so please ask if you need something not listed below):

Math K-12, college starting at $50/hr:

  • Early math: basic arithmetic, counting, and basic geometry
  • Middle school math: basic algebra, geometry, and measurement
  • High school math: pre-calculus, calculus, SAT & ACT math, and trigonometry
  • College & advanced math: logic, number theory, statistics, and other advanced mathematics courses

English/Reading/Writing K-12, college starting at $50/hr:

  • Reading: critical reading, elementary reading, research methods, and reading comprehension
  • Writing: essay writing, creative writing, research paper writing, narrative writing, and note taking
  • English for Specific Purposes programs (ESP)
  • Additional subjects: vocabulary, grammar, poetry, and discussion

History K-12, college starting at $50/hr:

  • World history, American history, Government

Geography K-12, college starting at $50/hr

Science K-12, college starting at $50/hr:

  • Physics: motion & forces, heat & energy, physical math, and gravity & relativity
  • Chemistry: introductory chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry
  • Earth Science: geology, meteorology, oceanography, and geophysics
  • Astronomy: introductory astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology, and planetary science

Languages starting at $50/hr:
Spanish, German, French, American Sign Language, ESL all basic to intermediate


Art starting at $50/hr:
Instruments at $40/half hour: Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn

Test prep starting at $70/hr:

  • SAT & ACT math
  • SAT & ACT reading comprehension & vocabulary